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Better Benefits | Lower Costs | Improved Performance

Transforming Benefits into your Competitive Advantage.

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Employees are looking for more than a benefits plan. Employers need more than a broker. Offer differentiated benefits, including $0 out of pocket employee access to best-in-class healthcare & medication, to attract and retain top talent with the Gurney Benefits Advisors EDGE℠.

Why Choose Gurney Benefits Advisors?

Aligned Incentive Model℠

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Your Underlying Employee Care Costs

Gurney Benefits stands apart from other health insurance brokers and benefits agencies due to our pioneering Aligned Incentive Model℠.

Conventional agencies are compensated when performing well for vendor partners who pay commissions and growth & retention bonuses based on enrollment and funded by inflated backend costs.

Gurney Benefits is compensated when performing well for clients. Our compensation hinges on delivering outstanding quality and cost outcomes for you, with bonuses funded by your actual cost savings.


The well-being of your business and employees takes precedence in our approachOur commitment ensures superior healthcare results and cost reduction, with our earnings directly linked to these objectives. 

Better care. Lower costs. Guaranteed. If not, we don't get paid.

About Gurney Benefits

As your employee benefits partner, we solve one of your biggest challenges — rising healthcare costs. We maximize savings while giving you a unique EDGE℠ in talent recruitment and retention.

Our service team will provide you with unparalleled service and support year-round. With more than $2.8 billion in annual premium, over 60,000 employer groups, and over 600,000 covered lives, our team thoroughly understands the benefits world and what’s important in today’s ever evolving marketplace.

We remain vigilant in evaluating the most cutting-edge, proven solutions and vendors to offer you the best and most cost-effective solutions for every need.


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