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About Gurney Benefits

Are you tired of the same old song and dance from traditional brokers who promise the world but deliver the same old problems year after year? At Gurney Benefits, we're rewriting the script.

It all began when our founder, Hunter Gurney, listened to the frustrations of executives and HR leaders who felt trapped in a never-ending cycle of rising healthcare costs. They were bombarded by fancy titles, flashy tech, and empty promises that only led to the same old cost-cutting tactics.

Every year, it was the same story: either cut benefits, shift costs to hardworking employees, or embark on the chaotic carrier-switching journey. Employers were tired of this rollercoaster, seeking something different—something lasting and transparent, tailor-made for their unique needs.

That's where Gurney Benefits comes in.

We exist to help employers, from small businesses to large enterprises with thousands of employees, regain control over their employee benefits spending. We don't believe in slashing benefits or passing the burden onto your team. Instead, we work tirelessly behind the scenes to manage costs while enhancing your employees' benefits experience.

We don't just crunch numbers; we craft solutions that lead to best-in-class healthcare and medication accessibility, often with little to no out-of-pocket expenses for your employees.

It's time to bid farewell to outdated approaches and embrace a new era of employee benefits. As pioneers of fresh, proven innovations, we build enduring, transparent group employee benefits programs designed exclusively for your potential.

Join Us

At Gurney Benefits, we're not just improving your bottom line; we're giving you a competitive EDGE℠ in talent recruitment and retention. Together, let's usher in a brighter future for your employees and your organization.

Ready to transform your employee benefits experience? Get in touch with us today, and let's create a brighter future together.

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